DISNEY AULANI HAWAII HOTEL – Life After College Vlog: Ep 16

Hello Internet! Here is my daily Vlog focusing on my life after graduating from college. This is a prominent point in my life, as I believe it is in most anybody’s.

Features of this Episode:
– Checking out the Disney Aulani Hotel in Hawaii
– Disney Restaurant ‘ama ‘ama
– Mickey and Minnie Mouse by the Pool
– Disney Aulani Hotel Review
– Hawaii Outlet Malls (Ralph Lauren)
– Catching Knight The German Shepherd Dog
– Japanese Buffet in Waikiki


  1. I see Disney drew a lot of architectural inspiration drawn from their Orlando Wilderness Lodge Hotel. But Aulani seems way nicer

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! Trying to decide if it is worth the wicked long flight from Florida!

  3. Dude I have just started watching these vlogs a few weeks ago and I am loving them. Don't stop being awesome and keeping making vlogs!

  4. You may not no this but im doing a marathon of all your vids xD loving them! im going to start vlogging soon and your a big inspiration xD

  5. I like your videos and subscribed. I am also a lonely asian male in america post college too, so your not alone!! Suprisingly i do a lot of the same things you do. Its intresting to see how the asian american way of living is a little different from our peers dont you think? the food we eat etc…

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