Disney Hawaii got Creepy since last Time (FV Aulani Family Vlog)

It’s been almost 6 year’s since we went to Hawaii, if you watched our original Hawaii Vids back in 2016 let us know in the comments. enjoy our 2022 trip highlights:)
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  1. My aunt and uncle are in Hawaii right now but I was gonna go but I had other plans so we are going next year

  2. u guys made my childhood, i showed my mom and dad ur pics and mom was banging her Head saying "they r so old" love u guys<3

  3. I know FGTeeV doddy and FGteev moomy Real names are FGTeeV Duddy name is Vincent and FGTeeV mommy is Samantha

  4. You guys made this yesterday now I'm sad I didn't see it as soon as you posted it because I was at softball and I was saying at a hotel

  5. ive been to the shaved ice place, pearl harbor, a plane museum about pearl harbor, and mcdonalds

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