1. Oh wow, I have been there. Went there in 1999, got swept out to sea on my boogie board and had to swim over to a boat and get rescued by the lifeguard jet ski. Did you enjoy the hotel? We had a great time, but a lot can change in a decade.

  2. @MrLuhjit no, the BSOD's are reserved for the airport info boards at MSY, (new Orleans) and a few at PHY (i think thats the right one for philly), thats a a fail bigtime, id post pictures, but there is no point when ill bet you can go to the airport now and fine several BSOD's at your local TSA approved establishment

  3. This reminds me of my college. They have set up a new TV system which has advertisement. Every so often you see a messege from Symantec Anti Virus say's that it has found a trojan horse. The messege stays there for the rest of the day.

  4. I keep ahead of my AVG and check for updates, and Apples Quicktime, Safari, ITunes updates at the biggest pest on the web.

  5. @Brand0n777 Its his videos. He will do whatever they hell he wants them them. If you don't like them unsubscribe.


  6. As much as I don't really care about Apple related stuff, THAT has just gotta be the most annoying thing ever. I mean, can't it just update itself automatically by default when there's internet connection, and disable updates when there isn't any?

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