This 1960s color travelogue about Hawaii is a long advertisement for sponsor Matson Hotels and Northwest Orient Airlines. Waikiki Beach is panned. The Northwest Airlines Boeing 707 lands. Well-dressed passengers are greeted by Hula dancers. Each passenger receives a lei and a kiss (:57-2:00). Catamarans are beached outside the Moana Hotel. A woman enters her room. The porter is tipped. A waiter brings a pineapple to the room. She walks on the beach in her 1960s two-piece bathing suit (2:01-3:17). A man in a 1960s suit walks the beach to the Surfrider Hotel. He receives two leis and kisses. He enters his room; the porter carries his luggage. The balcony view includes a pretty woman sunbathing (3:18-3:50). The SS Lurline passenger ocean liner approaches; passengers wave. Waiting are Hula dancers and a ukulele player (3:51-4:39). The Royal Hawaiian Hotel is shown from the beach. The new guests wear layers of leis. One wears a 1960s dress and white gloves. The balcony view is the beach (4:40-5:22). A woman in a 1960s two-piece bathing suit learns the Hula. A little boy dances to ukulele players. A pretty woman stands on her surfboard; her handsome male companion falls off. A group of women attend an outdoor flower-arranging class (5:23-7:18). The round swimming pool at the Princess Kaiulani Hotel is shown. Tourists pass a portrait of Princess Kaiulani in the lobby. The mural in the Kahili room is shown. Tourists dine on the terrace. Matson Hotels shown are the Edgewater and The Breakers (7:19-9:10). A lunch buffet of seafood dishes are shown. Tourists relax in lawn chairs. Fashion show dress models wearing white 1960s gloves walk by diners. Cocktails are served in the Captain Cook Bar. Room service brings Planter’s Punches drinks as the couple holds slides up to the lamp to see them (9:11-11:46). A man wears a white dinner jacket and black bowtie; the woman wears an ankle-length 1960s sleeveless dress to the Royal Hawaiian cocktail party. The dining room with white tablecloths is shown. A dancer performs (11:47-14:18). The beach is raked. Chess is played. Natives in loincloths prepare luau food. A man pounds poi (14:19-15:40). Passengers board an Aloha Airlines plane. Food is carried at an evening Hawaiian barbeque at the Kauai Coco Palms Lodge. Waimea Canyon is panned. Horseback riders ride at the Hotel Hana Maui beach. Smoke rises at the Volcano House. Horses are ridden at Parker Ranch. The Waipio Valley is shown (15:41-17:32). Tourists board the Manu Kai catamaran and paddle Polynesian outrigger canoes. Surfboard riders perform. Skin divers harass a turtle (17:33-19:32). Tourists travel by bus in Oahu, with scenic coast views, to Kaneohe Bay. They learn the Hula and pass an orange by neck game, conga, and eat a buffet. Hula and knife dances are performed. Marshmallows are toasted over a fire. A luau at Don the Beachcombers includes dancing performers (19:33-23:54). Passengers throw their leis into the water from the ship. New tourists arrive. Couples dance on the beach under moonlight (24:55-26:25).

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