Hotel room tax increase affects Hawaii residents, says tourism officials

Counties are now poised to increase hotel room taxes up to three percent. A move that affects not just visitors, but also many Hawaii residents.


  1. Instead of raising the tax 3%, just raise it 0.1% a day for a month!. That way the increase will only be a few bucks a day, nobody will notice, and the overall increase will be more than the original plan of 3%! Nobody will cancel their vacation for a tiny 0.1% tax increase.

  2. Aaaah, this sucks. But no matter how I or we complain, them people still gonna raise ‘em. They greedy and it’s killing us.

  3. So you raise the prices of hotels via a tax which will make lower income families' Hawaii dream unaffordable. Seems like catering to the rich. Here I thought Hawaii was a progressive Leftist state. How about only taxing the foreigners who visit, . . . .from China, . .Japan, . . .etc.

  4. For all the taxes I’ve paid over the years, I have not received the equal amount of service from Ige and Co. Isn’t the Government supposed to SERVE THE PEOPLE? Instead, it’s The People SERVING the Government.

    When Trump was in office, the MSM cried how our economy is going down, how terrible it is, etc but in reality our economy had the biggest growth spurt prior to Obama. Gas prices was good, unemployment was down, GDP was UP. And now when Biden is in office, the MSM spins the narrative to make it appear how great everything is: economy, low taxes, employment. But in reality, it’s pure utter chaos.

    This is exactly what THEY wanted.

  5. It's easy enough for the hotels to NOT charge locals the tax, but it's more money for them. 3% is nothing. They should raise it to 5% or even 10%. They should also make sure the B&B's pay the tax. I'm sure a majority, of the legal one's, don't pay any tax at all. tourist are only here to spend money, why not take them for all the have.

  6. Well,many many years ago when sorta attending the U of H…mostly attending the beach.Taking Econ courses from Chicago School Of Econ teachers( conservative guys) !They went over…The killing the dose that lays the golden egg…routine the hotels presented to get tax breaks and exemptions from the state!1970’s!And even went down and read it all into the states books for future reference!They brought up an interesting dodge…where the hotels…every 5 years or so would be bought out by a dummy corporation…that would still run the hotel and pay the profits to the original owners…because…memory is rusty…the tax deductions for depreciation would start over again for the new buyers…themselves ,thru their proxy buyer!Still exist?

  7. Taxes only going get higher, island people going struggle even more. Rail waist of money. All politicians in Hawaii getting a big paycheck. Greedy, corruption top to the bottom. Nothing changes for the good.

  8. I'm born and raised here but when I retired I live in Thailand. They do the same thing out there and the tourist keep on coming! The question is where does the extra money from the tax really go! They say it's for this but! Does the people really know where it's going!

  9. So the solution is spend more and collect more…smh…what do the hotels themselves pay in taxes? I am not sure…calling in the journalists…ty for the info

  10. Greed, man this states getting out of hand. Well, we're already out of hand but it's continuing to get worse. The local government just WASTES it all

  11. Vote and vote and vote for Democrats. They always, always raise taxes. We the people get poorer and poorer and poorer.

  12. Yep – everyone wants to tax the tourist- but what they don’t realize is we all suffer!
    Stop complaining – tourist make up our economy – now that people have rocked the boat – we all gotta pay.

  13. That’s true. You ever got your hotel bill lately? Locals do get charged for that tax too. Hawaii is getting to be a place for the rich.

  14. Inflation, more tax, higher food costs, for the government and not for the people. Watch, they will give themselves raises soon.

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