Hotels Big Island Hawaii – Hotel review Royal Kona Resort – worth the $?

The Royal Kona Resort in Kona on the big island of Hawaii is a beautiful hotel. This video give you some insights and a good overview of the hotel in Kona. Tours and activities in Hawaii? Please check

Location of the Royal Kona Resort:
The Royal Kona Resort is about a 15 minute walk from Kona town. If you want to check out bars and restaurants there it is really easy to get there – just walk down the road.

Along the road there are many shops and restaurants. Many of the restaurants have ocean view and are reasonably priced.

There are a lot of locations to check for tours and activities on big island. If you want to check out tours and activities on Hawaii, just follow this link:

Amenities of the Royal Kona Resort:
The hotel has a bar, a restaurant, a spot for a luau, a pool, a man made lava tide pool, a little bay where you can swim with the turtles, if they’re there, and plenty of parking stalls right in front of the hotel.

The pools are really amazing, especially the little bay. It’s all man made, so don’t expect any natural beaches, but it’s well made and very inviting.

The bar overlooks the ocean and is also a great spot to enjoy a drink while watching the sunset. On the weekends they often have live music there.

The restaurant also has a very nice view. We tried the restaurant at the Royal Kona Resort for breakfast. The breakfast buffet was $22.95 and they offer a Kama’aina rate for $19.95. Check out the video to see the breakfast buffet at the Royal Kona Resort.

Of course we can only describe the room we tested. It was B I G. Corner room on the 6th floor, two long sized beds, lots of space, coffee machine, little fridge and big bathroom. Check the video to see our view…

The room seemed a little outdated… let’s say it wasn’t fancy.

Balcony was BIG and we had mountain and ocean view.
Long story short: It’s functional, not fancy.

We forgot to me ruin in our video – the service was fast and friendly. We asked for extra blankets – 15 minutes an they delivered.

One day later we had a friend stay over and asked for an extra bed – no questions asked. 15 minutes later the extra bed was there with sheets, extra towels and shampoo.

We asked for late check out the next day – no problem! They just told us to come down and get an extension on the room card because it was programmed to end at 11am. Late check out at 1pm.

Overall review of Royal Kona Resort:
We haven’t tried all the hotels in Kona but out of the ones we tried, this is the best!

Reasonable prices, great location, friendly service. We recommend the hotel without a doubt.

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