Maui 2022 – Kaanapali Beach Hotel Hui Hui Restaurant

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  1. Hey KBH again!😃💕.. "Maui's Most Hawaiian Hotel". Thanks Eric for the day tour of their outdoor area showing recent renovations. Very beautiful. KBH has always been on my top 10 fave hotels list. I've always loved their ole Hawaiiana flare.
    Right?.about our tax$ truths you mentioned.

  2. Hey Eric, LOVE your videos. We were there last November for 3 weeks, stayed at Lokelani, right on the water, it was the best. We should've called you but instead did our own research. We did enjoy learning the island more but yes, not much available. We should've called you, we will this time so we can meet and gift you THE best banana bread I'm infamous for. Find us a house like the clients you met. Oh yeah, that was a little while ago. We're back the first week of May for just a week (going to the Big Island for 3 weeks afterward), staying at Papakea and looking forward to meeting you. WE WANT TO LIVE THERE! We want to run away to the islands to live our lives out there! Yes, vote them all out! Hope to see you soon!

  3. Well Done Eric! Aloha from your soon to be neighbors! Thanks for helping us buy our Dream Land soon to be HOME!

  4. Thx again for the Maui fix and chat. Love your ‘political’ channel. 😊. Gorgeous beach scenery. Last time in Maui was 2018. Feels like decades ago.

  5. Enjoying your videos, keep them coming. I'm bringing the fam in 3 weeks. Kids are very excited. I'm a real estate guy from philly, maybe we'll bump into you on the one-wheel

  6. I am almost 63. Been to Maui 4 times since 2016 and will be back in June. I am gonna jump off black rock this time. Shaka!

  7. I always watch til the end. We always stay at Kahana Village Resort. Its a hidden gem no one talks about. Rates are great compared to hotels and on the beach. Thanks Eric

  8. Hey there Mr. West I appreciate everything that you post, I’m an Arizona Phoenix native and I’m going to Maui for the first time ever in my life it took 31 years for me to finally get a chance to go and it’s going to be this July 6th though the 10th 2022 That the three of us will be out there for the first time for all of us, I would love to meet you and for you to contact me, super awesome you are into housing out there, please contact me my picture is black glitter because I’m obsessed with anything beautiful in life and I’d love to meet you, I love everything that you post about the island as well as how open you are about the local spots I’m a huge fan, DM me!! how Great it would be awesome to meet you, me and my boyfriend are going out there for his son‘s 11th birthday, i arranged the trip for them as a surprise! Sincerely looking for a response!

  9. Heading to KBH in May with 25 of our family & friends for our 50th wedding vow renewal. Hope to see you one wheeling around while we are there !!!

  10. Thanks for the Maui fix ! Have stayed there several times ♥️♥️! Enjoying your videos 😀♥️ .. haven’t been to the new restaurant yet , wasn’t open yet last time we were there … hopefully on our next trip !

  11. Hey Eric – just had to chime in and say you're killing it. These live check-ins and videos always keep my wife and I in an island state of mind. Your candor, personality, and whole vibe, is just amazing. Shaka brudda from da mainland. Our next trip in '22 will be to the Westin Kaanapali Beach Villas, i don't think i've seen you show their property before, lmk if i'm wrong.

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