1. Loved going to the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in the 1980s and 1990s regularly to admire the Orchids and the Old Hawaii Beauty of the property. The people and their service who served visitors and kamaaina were tops. The location is unique and the best in Waikiki. The lunch buffets at the Surf Room were amazing, an ono delicious delight. The hamburger shack in back by the small swimming pool was the best, made to order. Memories and meals to last a lifetime of Aloha! There was actually a lady in the 1980s who I believed lived at the Royal, but not this nice lady Maryann. All good people!
    Went to visit in the in the 2010's, nice but the old charm is gone, still pretty (crowded, like all of Waikiki and now O'ahu).

  2. Every Hawaii travel book that I have says that the Royal Hawaiian Hotel is haunted. People have seen the dearly departed in elevators and in their Hotel rooms and elsewhere, some people have even requested the haunted rooms.

  3. I was fortunate to stay in the Royal Hawaiian when I was 10. I'm quite a bit older now! Lol. It was fascinating. There was pineapple juice that came out of the fountain by the pool.

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