Sheraton Waikiki Hotel Full Walk-Through | Oahu Hawaii

In this video, we take you through a full walk-through of the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel. We show you the awesome Sheraton infinity pool, The Sheraton Edge Bar, Sheraton Rum Fire, and other stores and restaurants located in the hotel.
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  1. I really wanted to stay at this hotel. However, they charge $120 per person per night over 2 people. That was just too much for my already expensive trip.

  2. This video is so unbelievably informative. If not for this video I would not have ventured into Sheraton Waikiki today. I took a pic in front of the Sand statue and took advantage of the Sheraton boardwalk and ended up in the beach that is right behind Royal Hawaiian to take a picture with the infamous Diamond Head at the background. Thank you so much for this video to have helped me have a memorable evening and for being able to take a good shot of Diamond Head backdrop pic.

  3. Staying there in September as well. Is the pool first come first serve? What time would you suggest we grab a seat by the infinity pool?

  4. Hi your video was very helpful we was there last year we stayed at Hilton Hawaiian village but this hotel is beautiful your video was off the chain thanks for sharing

  5. Thank you both so much for making these videos!! Your expert knowledge of Oahu and all of the areas, hotels and adventures make visiting or moving so much easier!!! <3

  6. Sooo awesome! Staying next month and confirms we chose the right hotel for our family 🥰 thanks for sharing! Priceless ❣

  7. I have not been there for more than 7 years I still remember they were doing construction on the Sheraton it looks great

  8. Excellent channel and beautiful walk through! What microphone using to capture audio and can you send link please. Thank you!

  9. Just wanted to add,this might before your time, this hotel is where the 70s sitcom the Brady Bunch episode was filmed,they also used to have pool side show,it was very good 👍

  10. New subscriber from Australia! Mahalo for this walkthrough. I hope to stay here when we are allowed to leave Australia.

  11. Taking a solo trip in a few weeks and I’m staying here. Thank you so much for this!!! Totally obsessed with your channel!!!!

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