Spearfishing Hawaii Hotel Kailua-Kona

Some Highlights from the most recent adventures. Spearfishing the waters off Kailua-Kona HI. Some glory and some heartbreak. But thats what the chase is all about! Enjoy the Holo.

Music: Hotel California, The Eagles

Mahalos: Kap Spearguns, Holoholo, HoloHi, Torelli Wetsuits, Barron Kepoo, Yonny Quist, Danny Navarro, Daniel Chun, Jason Matsuyama, Erin & Alana, Logan Achey For more quick clips and pics check out my instagram @ alexm808 Aloha!


  1. Nice video and great shooting! Hats off to anyone that can bag Mu in clear water. Take a look at my channel there is good info on getting great accuracy and power from your spearguns … something you absolutely need in super clear water and wary fish where the only shot you will get is 5 meters or longer.

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