St Regis Princeville Resort (Kauai, Hawaii): review (SPECTACULAR island)

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  1. You might think I'm crazy but, I actually cried after seeing the Napali coast views from the terrace at 9:35 … Such breathtaking beauty moved me to the core!

  2. This was so nice from you trip collection. It has been some years since I have been to Lihue, Kauai. My crew and I stayed at the Radisson Hotel off of Kauai Beach Drive. Walking along the beach behind the hotel was simply so nice!!! Thank you for your video here because you made me remember and look at photos that I have of being in Hawaii.

  3. The St. Regis no longer owns this property and this is closed as of now. The new owners plan to remodel the resort and it should be open sometime May 2022. It’s really a shame it is closed right now.

  4. I'm here the for the music and the stunning views of the ocean and mountainside. The traveler expert does a really good job incorporating the music with the views. Yes, I'm enjoying the hotel tour, but the music and stunning views of nature are my favorite. Very relaxing. Thank you.

  5. Wow beautiful wish I can live there I filled a application for a security job there just dont know where to live

  6. Based on your review, the astounding views are this resort’s saving grace. Otherwise, it seems like St. Regis Princeville isn’t worth the price tag.

  7. The St.Regis Hotel Princevile, Kauai,Hawaii is spectacular and splendid with the sprawling gated communities and spectacular ocean front views

  8. Hotel's so-so. But, goodness me, the surrounding nature and landscapes just take your breath away! 😍

  9. what an awesome video! I love the peaceful music and slow camera footage. I felt like I was there. Thank you!!!

  10. I see this was filmed in 2017, but more recent reviews give the impression the facility has gotten worse? Do you know if it's still as good as it was in 2017?

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