Teen Caught Destroying Sand Sculpture at Iconic Hawaii Hotel

Police say a teen girl was caught on camera defacing a sand sculpture in a luxury Hawaiian resort Monday night. Surveillance video at the iconic Royal Hawaiian hotel shows a girl climb over a barrier in front of the sculpture and knock off the head of one of the carved bodies. She then rips the nose off of another and claws at the sculpture. After climbing down from the barrier, she throws a green pillow and another object at the sculpture. #InsideEdition


  1. One of the people who thinks they're cool but in reality they have mommy and daddy issues so they seek attention from other people.

  2. Who would do something so incredibly stupid?! Hope the young lady is charged with vandalism and destroying public property. She and her friend needs jail without bail and life without parole! I'm beyond appalled! This is not right!

  3. I recently came back home from Hawaii, and I went to that exact hotel. I feel horrible for the artist. At least they fixed it.

  4. Fined and charges. Days in jail to consider her actions. At least that's what I would have gotten. No less than what my son would have received either.

  5. Stupidity at it best ,now consequences for the stupid act,no respect for the person that spend many hours and no respect for private property.

  6. She need to get a job, when she get paid every week or two weeks give some of her money to the artist or/ hotel until it paid in full both them and make this a court order. I bet they be scare to touch any body things.

  7. Why, why, I just can’t imagine why someone would even think to do this. It appears that she just this for not reason. She was not even under the influence of any substance. So why would someone just do this just because? Someone like that is just not safe to be in public. They need to lock her up. What’s it going to next time.

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