The Best Best-Value Waikiki Hotels | Laylow, Surfjack, Queen Kapi’olani, Outrigger Waikiki, and more

Waikiki hotels don’t have to be expensive! Here are our favorite, best-value hotels in Waikiki. You will have a blast staying at these boutique hotels in Waikiki!

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Nothing is cheap in Waikiki unless you find a hostel or a 1-star hotel. If you are looking for a great stay, a nice pool, and to be close to the beach then check out our 5 favorite Waikiki hotels. They won’t break your bank and you will have an amazing stay in Waikiki.

Links to the hotels we share here (note, some of these are affiliate links which means we make a few dollars when you click at no cost to you) Thanks for watching!
Queen Kapi’olani
The Surfjack
Coconut Waikiki Hotel
Waikiki Outrigger Hotels

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Waikiki Hotels: The Best-Value Hotels in Waikiki
00:00 Intro
01:18 Queen Kapi’olani Waikiki Beach Hotel
02:39 The Laylow, Autograph Collection (a Marriott property)
04:05 Surfjack Hotel and Swim Club
05:05 Biki Bikes – ride-share bikes to get to Waikiki Beach
05:24 Coconut Waikiki Hotel
05:47 Waikiki Outrigger Hotels
06:31 Final tips on booking a Waikiki Hotel

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  1. Love your channel and great video!!! Hawaii is my happy place. We stayed at Marriott Waikiki when our AirBnb was full of cockroaches. But planning on the Outrigger Waikiki next time.

  2. good videos. might i suggest some pronounciation tips, for Honolulu its said like Hoe-No -lu-lu and the biki bikes are bee-Key. dont forget to promote save travel tips like the mask mandate. but awesome job ! mahalo nui loa

  3. I love Queen Kapi'olani Hotel, too. The staff is amazing and embodied the Aloha spirit. We could be on the beach in 2 minutes, the zoo and the park in about 30 seconds and there were good food options nearby. We ate at the Deck multiple times and were very happy with the food and drinks.

  4. Thank You for sharing. I am staying at the waikiki shore resort for a wedding. I tried looking at other places but couldn't get everything I wanted such as a microwave coffee pot refrigerator I like it to be like home plus I hate sitting on the bed to watch tv. I need a sofa and a separate eating area. Please do one on resorts maybe next year I will take my family

  5. You guys have done amazing improvements in the way you edit your videos!! Thanks for being such a helpful resource 🙂

  6. hi there!! we are going to honolulu in april but we wanted to book two hotels during our week stay there how does the 72 hrs covid test works?coz i know every hotels ask for the negative result test. i need help pls:)

  7. Thank you so much for the information. I enjoy your videos. Do you know any hotels without resort and destination fees?

  8. LOVED the Queen Kapiolani, I got waived resort fees and a studio room. But the studio was way to small (think closet) , and so I upgraded to a “normal” room as seen in the vid. If all you’re going to do is sleep, and are not sensitive to decor or claustrophobic, save money and choose a studio.

  9. Just saw this channel. Only been to Hawaii once and loved it. Now that the borders are shut from Australia, definitely got a few places to look at for our next holiday there. Thanks guys

  10. I just discovered your videos and love them. I am planning a vacation for my wife and myself likely next year once covid is a bad memory. The 3 hotels you featured are definitely intriguing, the 2 hotels I was thinking about in Waikiki are the Ilikai hotel and Park Shore. How would these hotels compare to the ones featured in your Video. Thanks

  11. Why didn't you show the floor to ceiling aquarium in the banquet hall of the Queen Kapiolani?

  12. I really enjoyed your video! I have not been to Hawaii in years but I would like to go back soon. This gave me some nice choices to stay at.

  13. What do you think of the aston waikiki hotel? looks like a nice hotel near the diamond head and near a less busy ocean front.

  14. Going in November for anniversary 40th, 60th bday and my son is getting married there I think we’re going to Waikiki?

  15. "Hi, I'm Jordan." No you're not. You're Paul Rudd and you're moonlighting as a tour guide in Hawaii! I'm on to you!

  16. I’m from Oahu and have taken my kids back 5 times. We are going in August and appreciate the updates!

  17. I don’t know why you don’t have more followers! I agree, the Outrigger hotels are my favorite!

  18. This is so so helpful! So happy I found this channel, it’s making the planning so much easier. Cant wait!

  19. Thanks for making these videos! Hawaii is one of my future trips…. stuck between visiting Kauai, Maui, and Oahu. I have seen some packages for two islands jam packed in a week…. please help me decide! It's for me and my best friend looking to relax away from the city

  20. This channel has such a good vibe that it helps me wind down at night. It's also given me some great ideas if and when I return to Hawai'i. 🤙

  21. This channel is the reason our first trip outside the continental US is gonna be Hawaii. The information alone is gonna help us get the most out of our trip i feel

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