The Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Waikiki Beach (Honolulu, Hawaii): a review

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  1. What a great video. You really showed everything in detail and after watching the video i feel so relaxed, it was very serene!

  2. I love this hotel so much! I was there in February on my annual Hawaiian holiday from Australia. I went in a tour of the hotel to get more of its history, it's funny that guests in the early days did not like the beach view and preferred the garden view and their servants were left with a beach view! How times have changed. I miss Hawaii so much, I hope we can go back soon

  3. I have been to the Royal Hawaiian with my family. It was the hotel I liked the most of all my travels. It has a very special charm. Plus it is on Waikiki Beach and shopping.

  4. The Royal Hawaiian hotel at Waikiki beach in Honolulu, Hawaii is a live and bustling hotel with classical style and design of the hotel yet very modern and contemporary. The hotel is very lively

  5. Original paintings by Eugene Savage for the Matson Cruise Line in the 1950s are on display in the lobby. The popular Mai Tai cocktail is not spelled Mai Thai. It has nothing to do with Thailand, but was named by Tahitians, and it means, "Very Good"!

  6. I've stayed at most of the hotels in Waikiki. The Royal Hawaiian is my favorite and where I'll stay the next time I go.

  7. Lovely colour scheme. Less so in the room, though. Surroundings (beach) not so relaxing, unfortunately.

  8. I could have sworn I saw Yoko Ono a few times in the lobby… not for me; Outrigger Waikiki has a better feel, less of a mausoleum

  9. Truly stunning. Your clips continue to inspire me. Honolulu is my favourite place. Many people would find that strange because it is busy and commercial but I always feel relaxed and at peace. I can’t afford the luxury hotels but excellent accommodation is available slightly back from the beach. As always I use the Royal Hawaiian and Halekalini for drinks and food and the wonderful ambience. It’s been a while since I’ve visited hopefully I’ll get back one day. Thanks for keeping my dreams alive.

  10. Your music about the time you are showing the restaurants remind me of my Mother ( who I lost her two years ago on January 5, 2017). My Mother cooked really well…So, yes, besides being a former Purser Flight Attendant seeing the world, I had a great mother!!!!!!!! Thank you again for this video…….

  11. Excellent informative tour !!! I definitely want to visit this beautiful historic Hotel !!! Your Suite was the best – especially with the view of the beach !!! I visited Waikiki in 1996 , but at a different Hotel a few blocks inward from the beach. I love Hawaii 🙂

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