Trump Hotel Walk Through Tour | Oahu Hawaii

Let’s take a walking tour of the Trump International Hotel Waikiki.


  1. l literally never heard about this hotel before and wow this place is really nice and wonderful I’m definitely going to visit this place one day if l have a chance and great vlog too👍

  2. Aloha and Mahal.. Waikiki is Soo fake…there are WAY more beautiful and exciting places on Oahu to visit!!!.. I live in Aina Haina

  3. I can't wait, we're staying 3 nights for our anniversary at the end of this month 🙏🤙🤙🤙
    Love the video 🤗

  4. I was wondering if this hotel was a new build or remodel of an existing property and what year it opened for business. Thank you.

  5. Look at all those leftist dislikes. Regardless of how you FEEL about the name you really cant ignore the FACT that this hotel was nice..

  6. For the money I want to stay on the beach !!
    i don’t want to walk across the road, etc etc
    it looks lovely but honestly I go to hawaii to get in the ocean, surf, chill on the beach,
    this place just doesn’t really do that and it’s basically 450 a night.
    it’s all about location and this one doesn’t have it for me.

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