WakeUp2Day: Hawaii Hotels projected to lose over a billion dollars in business travel Pt.3

A new report from the American Hotel and Lodging Association with Kalibri Labs shows tremendous revenue and job loss due to current restrictions and pandemic.

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  1. Don't kill yourself by taking the poison jab for a job that would replace you in a week if you died. If everyone refuses the jab, like France, the corrupt government will HAVE to comply WITH OUR DEMANDS.

  2. REBELLION IN THE USA: MILLIONS OF AMERICANs WALK AWAY FROM THEIR JOBS INSTEAD OF TAKE mRNA /@Ο‡ —and That is Crippling Hospitals, Schools, Police Depts, Global Shipping, Airlines & Giant Corporations —THANK GOD IT IS!

  3. Your right to bodily autonomy is all that stops someone richer and more powerful demanding YOUR kidney to save THEIR life. It's a fundamental right that overrides their mandate. It needs defending and it's worth fighting for even if you get ridiculed, hated, ignored, censored.

  4. Perhaps if you offered great reduced prices, you could make up a bit of he loss. Better than keeping high rices and getting less people.

  5. Finland Follows Sweden and Denmark in Halting Use of COVID-19 Vaccine Following Unwanted Side Effects. COVID is a bioweapon created in China and funded by TRAITORS. The most severe damage was done to businesses and the economy. It will result in WWIII and China will be nuked. Apocalypse Now.

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